Get rid of annoying ads inside YouTube videos

You can remove any inappropriate advertisement placed in video by the author. When you select an ad fragment you help us block annoying content for other users. Together we can make YouTube a better place.

How it works?

Our plugin is able to skip any* part of video which you will recognize as an advertisement.
* except In-Stream YouTube ad


People report about ads

Everyone can report! Just click icon shown above and follow the instructions. If you open this menu first time we show small guide on our plugin.


Our servers process this data

Our effective algorithms will check recent reports every minute. We need to be confident before we can block something. Results become available ASAP.


You enjoy ad-free YouTube

Every time you watch the video plugin will request actual data about ad fragments. Except those you've report manually.

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More people download extension - more ads will be removed. More enjoyable experience you'll have.
Share it with your best friends and your grandma. It'll work on their computers.

Here's some more things you'll love.

Free for everyone

All donations are voluntary. They'll help us maintain our infrastructure, develop new features and make broader browser support.

Open source

Source code of all client extensions available on github. Bug reports and pull requests are welcomed.

Privacy guaranteed

ADRewind don't collect your personal data. If you wanna learn more read this article.

Strict ad blocking rules

We follow stict rules. when choosing what to block.We let YouTubers to earn money and block only inappropriate ads.

We've work hard to build this extension. And we'll be happy to receive your comments.